Here’s a quick update on things.

I got the Bronica, it turns out though it’s an ETR, not a newer ETRS. Not a big deal I suppose, but it wasn’t what was advertised. The shutter speed dial does not click into each speed setting like it should, but it still works for setting the speed. There was an exposed roll of film in the camera when I got it, but the pictures were junk. I put a roll of film in it to make sure the camera works. Once I get that roll back from processing, I’m probably going to sell the camera. It’s not all that much faster than the Rolleicord to use, and the maximum shutter speed is still only 1/500 of a second, which is pretty limiting. I’m going to try to get a Mamiya 645 AF instead. That camera has (mediocre) autofocus and a focal plane shutter with a maximum speed of 1/4000 of a second. The 645 AFD and newer models are also compatible with digital backs, in case I win the lottery and can suddenly afford a $10,000 camera accessory.

The light meter is still on my back burner. I don’t have a ton left to do on it, but I just never seem to have enough time to do a meaningful amount of work on it in one sitting. We’ll see when I finish it.

In more exciting news, I finally got a check from my totalled Volvo XC90, some of which I decided to put towards upgrades on my BMW 535xi. I purchased an Evolution Racewerks charge pipe with blow off valve, and a JB4 piggyback ECU tuner. FedEx and UPS say both shipments should arrive on Thursday. I’m looking forward to installing everything.

So I bought another camera yesterday. It’s a Bronica ETRS. I was looking for a medium format camera that’s quicker to operate than the Rolleicord. I thought an SLR style camera would be the way to go, and I stumbled on the the 645 format Bronicas. Here’s the sole picture on the eBay listing for the one I purchased.

It seems to be in excellent condition. It has a slightly damaged 75mm lens, which I’ll be replacing with a newer version anyways. It has a 120 film back, which is great because they cost about $150 on their own. The AE-II metering prism viewfinder costs about the same separately, too. Including shipping and some eBay Bucks discounts, I snagged this for a tad over $200, which is a pretty good deal. I’ll probably be adding the speed grip to the camera, making the handling experience very similar to a 35mm SLR.

The ad said it was untested, but it seems so nice that I’d be surprised if it didn’t work after installing a fresh battery. And even if it turns out to be a dud, I can probably make my money back by selling the parts individually.