So I bought another camera yesterday. It’s a Bronica ETRS. I was looking for a medium format camera that’s quicker to operate than the Rolleicord. I thought an SLR style camera would be the way to go, and I stumbled on the the 645 format Bronicas. Here’s the sole picture on the eBay listing for the one I purchased.

It seems to be in excellent condition. It has a slightly damaged 75mm lens, which I’ll be replacing with a newer version anyways. It has a 120 film back, which is great because they cost about $150 on their own. The AE-II metering prism viewfinder costs about the same separately, too. Including shipping and some eBay Bucks discounts, I snagged this for a tad over $200, which is a pretty good deal. I’ll probably be adding the speed grip to the camera, making the handling experience very similar to a 35mm SLR.

The ad said it was untested, but it seems so nice that I’d be surprised if it didn’t work after installing a fresh battery. And even if it turns out to be a dud, I can probably make my money back by selling the parts individually.

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