Parts are on the way

I placed the order for all the parts I should need to create my exposure meter. Most of the parts are coming from Adafruit, and most of the supplies are coming from Amazon. The total bill was around $170, but I had to buy some supplies and tools that will be available for use on future projects.

The main parts in this build are an Adafruit Mini Metro, TSL2591 light sensor and a monochrome OLED display. The Mini Metro is an Arduino-compatible microcontroller. It’ll take inputs from buttons and the light sensor, interpret them, and then show the results on the display. The light sensor will give me my light reading in lux, which I can then plug into a formula to solve for either the correct aperture or shutter speed. The OLED display should be pretty easy to read in a bright area. Plus I’ve wanted to use one in a project for a while. Other parts coming aboard are three buttons, an on/off button and some 9 volt battery connectors.

I had to buy some supplies for this, because it’s been quite a while since I’ve build something. I needed more hook-up wire, jumper wires, and breadboards. I also got some jumper wire pins, wire housings and special crimpers to put them together so I’ll end up with a more elegant package of wires at the end.

The Amazon stuff should be in on Monday they say. The Adafruit things don’t have an estimate, but I’d imagine they’d be in by Wednesday because they’re only traveling from New York City. Hopefully next weekend I’ll have a working prototype done on the breadboard.

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